To install voxblox, please install ROS Indigo, ROS Kinetic or ROS Melodic. These instructions are for Ubuntu, Voxblox will also run on OS X, but you’re more or less on your own there.

First install additional system dependencies (swap kinetic for indigo or melodic as necessary):

sudo apt-get install python-wstool python-catkin-tools ros-kinetic-cmake-modules protobuf-compiler autoconf

Next, add a few other dependencies. If you don’t have a catkin workspace yet, set it up as follows:

mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws/src
cd ~/catkin_ws
catkin init
catkin config --extend /opt/ros/kinetic
catkin config --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
catkin config --merge-devel

If using SSH keys for github (recommended):

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
git clone
wstool init . ./voxblox/voxblox_ssh.rosinstall
wstool update

If not using SSH keys but using https instead:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
git clone
wstool init . ./voxblox/voxblox_https.rosinstall
wstool update

If you have already initalized wstool replace the above wstool init with wstool merge -t


cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
catkin build voxblox_ros