Class IntensityIntegrator

Class Documentation

class IntensityIntegrator

Integrates intensities from a set of bearing vectors (i.e., an intensity image, such as a thermal image) by projecting them onto the TSDF surface and coloring near the surface crossing.

Public Functions

IntensityIntegrator(const Layer<TsdfVoxel> &tsdf_layer, Layer<IntensityVoxel> *intensity_layer)
void setMaxDistance(const FloatingPoint max_distance)

Set the max distance for projecting into the TSDF layer.

FloatingPoint getMaxDistance() const
void addIntensityBearingVectors(const Point &origin, const Pointcloud &bearing_vectors, const std::vector<float> &intensities)

Integrates intensities into the intensity layer by projecting normalized bearing vectors (in the WORLD coordinate frame) from the origin (also in the world coordinate frame) into the TSDF layer, and then setting the intensities near the surface boundaries.