Class RayCaster

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class RayCaster

Generates the indexes of all voxels a given ray will pass through.

This class assumes PRE-SCALED coordinates, where one unit = one voxel size. The indices are also returned in this scales coordinate system, which should map to voxel indexes.

Public Functions

RayCaster(const Point &origin, const Point &point_G, const bool is_clearing_ray, const bool voxel_carving_enabled, const FloatingPoint max_ray_length_m, const FloatingPoint voxel_size_inv, const FloatingPoint truncation_distance, const bool cast_from_origin = true)
RayCaster(const Point &start_scaled, const Point &end_scaled)
bool nextRayIndex(GlobalIndex *ray_index)

returns false if ray terminates at ray_index, true otherwise