Class SimpleTsdfIntegrator

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class SimpleTsdfIntegrator : public voxblox::TsdfIntegratorBase

Basic TSDF integrator.

Every point is raycast through all the voxels, which are updated individually. An exact but very slow approach.

Public Functions

SimpleTsdfIntegrator(const Config &config, Layer<TsdfVoxel> *layer)
void integratePointCloud(const Transformation &T_G_C, const Pointcloud &points_C, const Colors &colors, const bool freespace_points = false)

Integrates the given point infomation into the TSDF.

NOT thread safe.

  • freespace_points: if true points will only be integrated up to the truncation distance. Used when we are given a minimum distance to a point, rather then exact distance. This is useful for clearing out free space.

void integrateFunction(const Transformation &T_G_C, const Pointcloud &points_C, const Colors &colors, const bool freespace_points, ThreadSafeIndex *index_getter)