Template Function voxblox::utils::evaluateLayersRmse(const Layer<VoxelType>&, const Layer<VoxelType>&, const VoxelEvaluationMode&, VoxelEvaluationDetails *, Layer<VoxelType> *)

Function Documentation

template <typename VoxelType>
FloatingPoint voxblox::utils::evaluateLayersRmse(const Layer<VoxelType> &layer_gt, const Layer<VoxelType> &layer_test, const VoxelEvaluationMode &voxel_evaluation_mode, VoxelEvaluationDetails *evaluation_result = nullptr, Layer<VoxelType> *error_layer = nullptr)

Evaluate a test layer vs a ground truth layer.

The comparison is symmetrical unless the VoxelEvaluationMode is set to ignore the voxels of one of the two layers behind the surface. The parameter ‘evaluation_result’ and ‘error_layer’ can be a nullptr.