Namespace voxblox

These classes allocate a fixed size array and index it with a hash that is masked so that only its first N bits are non zero.

Detailed Description

This file contains a set of functions to visualize layers as pointclouds (or marker arrays) based on a passed-in function. This can be thought of as a fast rough approximation of a hash table. There are several advantages and some very significant disadvantages Advantages-

  • Simple and blazing fast lockless thread-safe approximate sets
  • Can be used to provide more fine grain locking of blocks for threading then simply locking the entire layer Disadvantages-
  • Highly inefficient use of memory (allocates 2^N elements)
  • Cannot discern between two different elements with the same hash
  • If the hash of two elements have the same first N elements of their hash, only one can be stored.
    It also offers some specializations of functions as samples.